Bike routes


Rent a bike and embark on one of three carefully marked bikes routes, exploring hidden gems of North-Western Belarus

Hiruci - Ramaniški

11,3 km
1 hour


Ramaniski Village
In the 18th century a mansion was built here, which unfortunately was destroyed during World War II. An alcove, outbuilding, ruin of a wooden and brick granary and part of the park on the Pieleka river have survived to this day.
In the north of the village, at the road crossing stands a stunning white chapel, surrounded by oaks, probably from the 19th century.
At the military cemetery we can discover a piece of interesting history of the First World War.

Trabuciški -Vajškuny - Balduk

28 km
3 hours


In Trabutiszki you can drink freshly squeezed apple and beet juice and taste local tinctures. There is also an ethnographic museum. Guided tours are organized. You can find here comfortable guest accommodation in an old wooden house Guest Hous Transformer on Airbnb

The Balduc lakes complex is protected as a nature reserve and is part of the Narokanski National Park. The lake has a glacial origin. The charming landscape of lakes and rivers can be admired from above, climbing the surrounding hills.

Vialički - Kaptaruny

23,3 km
2 hours


Kaptaruny Art Village is a multicultural, captivating and quaint place in which festivals, art residences and educational programs take place.
You can find here a theater, (!) and an arbour reminiscent of an Asian pagoda. On August premiere of the opera "Liberato" was held in the Kaptaruny village theatre, with the world-famous soprano singer Cora Schmeiser. The creator of this unique place is Artur Klinau, outstanding visual artist, writer, publisher.
A short film about Kaptaruna can be found here:,kaptaruny,35732101